MOSAIC Clinic - Running citizen engagement activities on topics with scientific and technical aspects
The MOSAIC Clinics are a series of online gatherings aimed at addressing challenges you're facing in co-creation and multi-stakeholder engagement aspects of the Mission work you're carrying out, through sharing of experiences and mutual learning. The next session will take place on Tuesday 24 January from 10:00 to 11:00 CET and will focus on ‘Running citizen engagement activities on topics with scientific and technical aspects’.
MOSAIC Toolkit for the impact assessment of  co-creation contribution to innovation ecosystems
Following 'good practices' of co-creation should generate value and positive outcomes to all stakeholders gathered in your project regarding the topic addressed. But how to make sure that co-creation has been followed effectively and efficiently throughout the project? To help cities implement and align with the co-creation fundamental principles and evaluate their results, MOSAIC developed easy-to-use evaluation tools.
The importance of impact pathways for Cities Missions: imagining impacts, acheiving Missions?
Mobilising co-creation to achieve a Mission goal is an excellent way for a City to contribute to both sustainability and social inclusion objectives. However, how do participants in co-creation processes know what their impact will be? How can actors who are responsible for delivering these impacts use a co-creation process so that they can stay on the impactful pathway towards their goals?
Call for local partners - SHARED GREEN DEAL project
SHARED GREEN DEAL project is offering local authorities, regional authorities and not-for-profit organisations the opportunity to apply for a €22,000 grant to implement local actions focussing on the behavioural, social and cultural dimensions of the European Green Deal. Deadline for applications is 31 January 2023.
MOSAIC Clinic - Getting your politicians on board regarding citizen engagement activities in the Mission
Engaging politicians in citizen engagement activities was the topic of the first MOSAIC Clinic, the new MOSAIC peer learning format targeting city representatives part of the MOSAIC Community of Practice. Securing political buy-in is crucial for creating an inclusive and effective governance framework. Politicians hold decision-making power and can shape policies and initiatives that directly impact citizens' lives. However, securing political buy-in often presents significant challenges.
MOSAIC Clinics
The MOSAIC Clinics are bottom-up city-to-city discussions, targeting city representatives who are part of the MOSAIC Community of Practice. Each of these informal peer learning sessions will focus on a specific challenge and will aim to present experiences and potential scenarios from different cities.
MOSAIC Workshop - how to fairly reward citizens in co-creation
On 9 November MOSAIC project held a workshop on 'how to fairly reward citizens in co-creation' engaging its Pilots and Replicators cities. Fondazione Bassetti, MOSAIC partner, presented and discussed with participants some highlights of its findings.
MOSAIC - Call for suggestions on fair citizens' rewarding in co-creation
MOSAIC project is launching a call for suggestions on fair citizens' rewarding in co-creation, as part of the project's research activities. The call is open to all actors from the quadruple helix (companies, citizens, research organisations or public agencies) until 25 November 2022.
MOSAIC's roadmap for co-creation
The MOSAIC project is inviting its Community of Practice cities to join the online event ‘MOSAIC Roadmap for co-creation’ on 20 October 2022 from 10:00 to 12:00 CEST. This interactive workshop will introduce the MOSAIC Roadmap for co-creation in the context of the Cities Mission.
First MOSAIC Community of Practice workshop
On Tuesday 14 June MOSAIC's partners organised the first Community of Practice workshop on how to integrate the private sector in the Cities Mission. The workshop was the first in a series of activities that MOSAIC experts will organise for the Community of Practice, giving them the opportunity to learn from MOSAIC pilot and replicator cities’ experiences and help them in reaching their Cities Mission targets through inclusive co-creation processes.