In a dynamic two-day event held on 21 and 22 November, MOSAIC successfully hosted its final event 'Co-creation in EU Missions'. City representatives, European Commission policy officers, researchers, private sector representatives and co-creation experts converged to delve the immense potential of co-creation in addressing complex challenges, particularly those posed by the Horizon EU Missions.
Co-creation in EU Missions
MOSAIC is organising the event ‘Co-creation in EU Missions’ in Brussels on 21 and 22 November. The event will bring together European Commission representatives, policy-makers, co-creation experts, as well as cities representatives to discuss the critical role of co-creation and explore its potential in tackling complex challenges, such as the EU Missions.
Climate-neutral cities by 2030: delivering results through multi-stakeholder engagement
MOSAIC, together with the European Commission, will host the session ‘Climate-neutral cities by 2030: delivering results through multi-stakeholder engagement’ at the European Week of Regions and Cities 2023. The session, taking place at SQUARE Brussels Meeting Centre, Room 210 on 10 October at 14:30 CET, aims to explore the power of co-creation as a catalyst for social innovation on the path to climate neutrality.
MOSAIC co-created solution presented to Milan Municipality
The final event of InformAria, the co-creation initiative run by MOSAIC’s Pilot City Milan, took place last Friday 29 September, gathering together citizens, R&I actors, representatives of civil society, and Milan city administration. Started in March, this experience brought together a group of city stakeholders to co-create solutions to make air quality data more accessible to citizens and enable them to make informed decisions, particularly regarding health impacts.
Milan Pilot Informaria closing event
The concluding event of InformAria will take place on Friday 29 September in Milan as part of the Green Week. InformAria is the co-creation initiative run in MOSAIC Pilot Milan, that has involved R&I stakeholders, citizens, representatives of civil society, and city administration working together to make Milan more sustainable.
MOSAIC at Frihamnsdagarna Festival
On Wednesday 31 August, MOSAIC will be hosting a session at Frihamnsdagarna festival, an annual event in Gothenburg revolving around democracy, dialogue, change and sustainability. The session will be an opportunity to discuss stakeholder and citizen engagement processes when it comes to reaching climate neutrality.
How to make participatory processes more inclusive?
Recruitment of participants plays a crucial role in the success of any innovation participatory pathway, as it sets the stage for diverse perspectives, fosters collaboration, and ensures that decisions are inclusive and representative. During the recent MOSAIC Clinic session, the representatives from Milan and Gothenburg, MOSAIC Pilots, discussed with the MOSAIC Community experiences and best practices for achieving real inclusiveness in the recruitment process. They demonstrated that successful engagement of local communities on hot challenges for the community requires tailored strategies and genuine efforts to involve diverse voices.
MOSAIC Pilots and Replicators workshop
On Tuesday 09 May, the MOSAIC Pilots and Replicators workshop took place. The event was an excellent opportunity for Replicator cities to have discussions and insights from the Pilot cities regarding the co-creation process they are running supported by MOSAIC. The lesson learned by the Pilots provided valuable knowledge for the MOSAIC Replicators who are looking to implement similar solutions in their own cities.
MOSAIC Clinic: Recruitment in co-creation: inclusiveness and broader audience’
The MOSAIC Clinics are a series of online gatherings aimed at addressing challenges you're facing in co-creation and multi-stakeholder engagement aspects of the Mission work you're carrying out, through sharing of experiences and mutual learning. The next Clinic will take place on Wednesday 19 April from 10:00 to 11:00 CEST. In the one-hour informal peer learning session, we will focus on Recruitment in co-creation: inclusiveness and broader audience’. 
Call for expression of interest - Innovative Implementation of the Partnership Principle in Cohesion Policy
DG REGIO is offering technical support by experts from the OECD to managing authorities, intermediate bodies or beneficiaries to work in cooperation with civil society organisations to implement in an innovative way the partnership principle. Applications close on 30 April 2023.