Roadmap for co-creation

MOSAIC has worked with cities that aim at achieving climate neutrality by 2030, supporting them in implementing open innovation processes through co-creation.

Besides the actions run in the two MOSAIC Pilot Cities, Gothenburg and Milan, MOSAIC engaged additional frontrunner cities in learning from each other and replicating the developed methodology. The peer learning implemented for the MOSAIC Community of Practice created a dynamic and collaborative space for cities, stakeholders and partners to exchange knowledge, share experiences and collaboratively address challenges associated with climate neutrality. The key learnings, challenges and successes from the Pilots, together with all the peer-learning activities have created a fertile ground for the uptake of these approaches in further cities committed to tackle climate related challenges through participatory processes.

MOSAIC Pilot Cities

MOSAIC pilot cities have worked for over one year, involving a large variety of local stakeholders, including citizens, on the identification and light prototyping of shared solutions for social good. They have addressed challenges such as making mobility more sustainable, or providing citizens with better information on health-related risks in connection with air quality.

Learn more about their co-creation processes, by downloading the full report below:

MOSAIC has produced the Cookbook, a hands-on tool aiming at supporting further EU cities in the implementation of their co-creation processes. 

The Cookbook not only describes the MOSAIC Methodology but draws on the practical experiences of the co-creation process in Gothenburg and Milan. This tangible resource offers practical insights and methods drawn from real-life experiences, empowering cities on their journey towards climate neutrality.