MOSAIC Cookbook

The MOSAIC Cookbook is a comprehensive guide designed to assist cities and policymakers in implementing co-creation processes within the context of the EU Missions.

The aim of this guide is to empower forward-thinking policymakers and local stakeholders driven by the ambition of creating a positive change in their city, with a step-by-step instruction to embark on a cocreation process. The Cookbook describes the MOSAIC Methodology presented in the MOSAIC Toolkit and draws on the practical experiences of the co-creation process run in the two MOSAIC pilot cities, Gothenburg and Milan, thus being a hands-on tool offering practical insights and methods drawn from real-life experiences.


Our MOSAIC co-creation recipe is composed of three phases, which are presented through a modular approach of suggested steps within each of them. Local adaptations of the recipe are key to its success. MOSAIC has tested it in two cities involved in the Climate Neutral and Smart Cities Mission: Gothenburg in Sweden and Milan in Italy. This allows us to provide you in this Cookbook with both the overall recipe, as well as tips on how to make it best fit your specific taste.