MOSAIC has selected Gothenburg and Milan as pilot cities for testing its methodological approach and research actions throughout the project.

These two cities have been selected as part of the European Commission's EU Mission for 100 climate-neutral and smart cities by 2030, known as the Cities Mission.

The pilot actions in Gothenburg and Milan follow a comprehensive three-step process that involves co-designing local challenges and co-creating solutions. This approach ensures active participation from a diverse range of stakeholders, including representatives from academia, industry, government, and civil society - collectively known as the quadruple helix. By engaging all these stakeholders, MOSAIC aims to foster a collaborative and inclusive environment that leverages the expertise and insights from multiple sectors.

The primary goal of the pilot actions is to address climate-related challenges effectively by co-developing and co-implementing innovative solutions. Through the collaborative efforts of the quadruple helix stakeholders, the pilot cities will generate valuable outcomes and learnings, which will serve as valuable resources for the replication and adoption of MOSAIC's approach in other European cities and regions.

By selecting Gothenburg and Milan as pilot cities, MOSAIC acknowledges the commitment and potential of these cities to contribute significantly to the transition towards climate neutrality and smart urban development. The insights gained from the pilot actions in these cities will pave the way for scaling up MOSAIC's approach, fostering sustainable transformations across Europe and beyond. Learn more about MOSAIC Pilot cities below.