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co-creation best practices and experiences from the MOSAIC project

Welcome to the MOSAIC Digital Stories. Enjoy this digital catalogue of experiences and best practices concerning the engagement of different stakeholders in the context of the EU Mission on climate neutral and smart cities.

What does it mean being a MOSAIC Pilot city?

Laura Marchini (Milan Pilot) experiences it as a challenge and as an opportunity. Involving local stakeholders in designing and implementing transition pathways is very important to successfully achieve decarbonisation goals, and MOSAIC will support the city in experimenting with new models to accomplish this challenge.

Gothenburg’s climate neutrality coordinator describes the types of ongoing co-creation activities happening in Gothenburg, MOSAIC pilot city. Their challenge is now to translate these co-creation activities into climate transition oriented activities engaging local stakeholders and citizens.

The MOSAIC project will be essential for the City of Gothenburg, as they will be able to receive support in their co-creation activities and, at the same time, exchange and learn from other cities facing similar challenges.

What does it mean being part of the MOSAIC Community of Practice?

For Niina Nousjarvi, City of Espoo, MOSAIC Replicator Cities, is about mutual exchange and learning from other frontrunner cities how to better co-create with citizens. By bringinging this experience in the city's climate implementation, cities can meet the ambitious goals set by the Mission.

MOSAIC has developed two tools for cities to check their progress towards contributing to their Missions by guiding them through the drawing of a future-oriented impact pathway during their co-creation activities..

Renee Van Dis, Universite Gustave Eiffel, MOSAIC Project partner, reflects on the importance of assessing impacts as a tool to guide cities' visions when addressing their co-creation challenges, stressing the importance of embed the impact assessment in the co-creation process.

MOSAIC's Pilot City Milan decided to focus its challenge on the co-design of technological tools to support residents and city users of Milan in making informed decisions related to air quality in the city (e.g., choosing the best days for outdoor sports activities). In line with this challenge, the Milan pilot of MOSAIC was called InformAria.
Learn more about the process from the voices of the quadruple-helix participants and organisers.

Maria Zolotonosa, Stickydot, MOSAIC Coordinator tells you about the MOSAIC Clinics, a format designed to support the MOSAIC Community of Practice in exploring and proposing solutions to complex challenges in the context of climate change.

The MOSAIC Cookbook is a comprehensive guide designed to assist cities and policymakers in implementing co-creation processes within the context of the EU Missions.

The Cookbook describes the MOSAIC Methodology presented in the MOSAIC Toolkit and draws on the practical experiences of the co-creation process run in the two MOSAIC pilot cities, Gothenburg and Milan, thus being a hands-on tool offering practical insights and methods drawn from real-life experiences.

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