Impact Assessment

Impact assessment is to help cities to implement a qualitative co-creation process, i.e. making sure that the co-creation activities are always aligned with the fundamental principles of co-creation in order to generate impactful and meaningful activities for all participants.

Impact assessment helps cities to:

·         navigate the co-creation process: in many co-creation activities, just like any project in life, not everything goes as planned. The impact assessment toolkit helps the co-creators to track their progress against their desired impact and evaluate the quality of the co-creation process.

·         facilitate the interactions among all stakeholders: collective feedback from the participants provide valuable insights to adapt the process and the activities taking into account their needs and ways of operating. The toolkit allows the stakeholders to adjust their activities and expected impacts as the co-creation process unfolds

·         facilitate the production of tangible results that can be shared, particularly with decision-makers in cities who are interested in assessing the outcomes of co-creation activities. These results also provide valuable insights for future improvements and impacts.

MOSAIC has developed two tools for the cities to check their progress towards contributing to their Missions by guiding them through the drawing of a future-oriented impact pathway during their co-creation activities.