MOSAIC wraps up a successful co-creation journey with EU cities

In a dynamic two-day event held on 21 and 22 November, MOSAIC successfully hosted its final event 'Co-creation in EU Missions'.

City representatives, European Commission policy officers, researchers, private sector representatives and co-creation experts converged to delve the immense potential of co-creation in addressing complex challenges, particularly those posed by the Horizon EU Missions.

In the past three years, MOSAIC has worked with cities that aim at achieving climate neutrality by 2030, supporting some of them in implementing open innovation processes through co-creation. MOSAIC pilot cities, Gothenburg and Milan, have worked for over one year, involving a large variety of local stakeholders, including citizens, on the identification and light prototyping of shared solutions aligned with their Climate City Contracts.

They have addressed challenges such as making mobility more sustainable, or providing citizens with better information on health-related risks in connection with air quality.

The event provided a unique opportunity to hear directly from the actors involved in the process about this journey and exchange with further committed EU cities the barriers and drivers of involving a large variety of stakeholders in their work on climate neutrality. In the dynamic fishbowl discussion moderated by ERRIN, practitioners, city representatives, private sectors and citizens shared their different perspectives and experiences on stakeholder engagement in the EU Missions, enabling the cities part of the MOSAIC Community of Practice to share some incredible work they are doing to advance climate neutrality involving a broad spectrum of stakeholders.

To further support the uptake of these initiatives, MOSAIC has produced the Cookbook, a hands-on tool aiming at supporting further EU cities in the replication of these processes. The Cookbook not only describes the MOSAIC Methodology but draws on the practical experiences of the co-creation process in Gothenburg and Milan. This tangible resource offers practical insights and methods drawn from real-life experiences, empowering cities on their journey towards climate neutrality. Read the MOSAIC Cookbook here.

If you missed the event, the recordings of the different sessions are available here