The MOSAIC Clinics are a series of online gatherings aimed at addressing challenges you're facing in co-creation and multi-stakeholder engagement aspects of the Mission work you're carrying out, through sharing of experiences and mutual learning.
The MOSAIC Clinics are bottom-up city-to-city discussions, targeting city representatives who are part of the MOSAIC Community of Practice. Each of these informal peer learning sessions will focus on a specific challenge and will aim to present experiences and potential scenarios from different cities. After exploring the challenge, we zoom out to discuss the broader context, sharing ideas and gathering feedback on how to better involve stakeholders in working together within the framework of the Cities Mission.
After the engaging discussion of the first Clinic, in the next session taking place on Tuesday 24 January from 10:00 to 11:00 CET, we will zoom in ‘Running citizen engagement activities on topics with scientific and technical aspects’.

Cities part of the MOSAIC Community of Practice willing to participate can send an email to