Following 'good practices' of co-creation should generate value and positive outcomes to all stakeholders gathered in your project regarding the topic addressed. But how to make sure that co-creation has been followed effectively and efficiently throughout the project? 

In many co-creation activities, just like any project in life, not everything goes as planned: are you making sure you are still in tune with the initial objective and approach? It is necessary to evaluate in real-time your way of doing things in order to make any adjustments if needed.

To help cities implement and align with the co-creation fundamental principles and evaluate their results, MOSAIC developed easy-to-use evaluation tools.
They have to be considered as helpers rather than burdens: they are steering tools to help cities navigate and facilitate the interactions between all stakeholders along the process and facilitate the production of tangible results that can be shared and function as a base for improvement.

These evaluation tools can be used by any co-creation activities, regardless of the methodology used. These tools are not intended to evaluate MOSAIC methodology but the co-creation activities based upon the MOSAIC methodology or any other co-creation methodology. To know more about these evaluation tools, you can check out the MOSAIC Toolkit for the impact assessment of co-creation contribution to innovation ecosystems.