MOSAIC project is launching acall for suggestions on how to fairly reward citizens in co-creation, as part of the project's research activities. One of the goals of MOSAIC is to promote co-creation approaches that fairly recognise and compensate citizens' contributions in Open Innovation settings to be applied and tested in the realm of the EU Mission "Climate-neutral and smart cities".

Citizens’ role and rewarding in co-creation

More and more citizens are becoming key actors in innovation pathways. The engagement of citizens is often encouraged at different institutional levels as one of the most powerful tools to render innovation more responsible and responsive to societal needs. However, despite their key role in co-creation in open innovation, citizens are particularly vulnerable to unfair exploitation of their contribution.

How can it be ensured that citizens contributions in co-creation approaches can be properly recognized and rewarded? What kind of options and mechanisms can innovation ecosystems adopt to incentivise citizens buy-in in collaborative innovation processes but also to guarantee a fair and transparent compensation for those who take part in the design or refinements of new marketable products? 

The call for suggestions

This call for suggestions addresses these questions. The results will contribute to MOSAIC research on new mechanisms to fairly reward citizens’ contribution in Open Innovation settings. The call is open to all actors from the quadruple helix (companies, citizens, research organisations or public agencies) until 25 November 2022. Please provide your inputs and share it with your contacts that can be willing and interested in taking part in this survey here.