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MOSAIC annunced its Pilot (Gothenburg, Milan) and Replicator (Aarhus, Espoo, Groningen, Pau, Tampere, Turku) Cities, who will make up the MOSAIC Community of Practice alongside the project’s co-creation experts and a wider group of additional European cities working in the context of the Cities Mission, that want to reach climate-neutrality through inclusive co-creation processes.

Your city can now apply to join the MOSAIC Community of Practice! Both cities selected or not selected to be part of the 100 Mission Cities can join the MOSAIC Community of Practice, to learn from our pilot and replicator cities’ experiences on the ground as they learn about and test the MOSAIC co-creation methodology.

Email for more information. 

What will cities learn from MOSAIC?

MOSAIC experts are working with its cities to empower and engage people in ways that can lead to behavioural change in all parts of society. Trans-disciplinarity by nature, MOSAIC is collaborating with local actors such as civil society organisations to set up inclusive co-creation processes that can have a meaningful impact; through fair rewarding, it also recognises the valuable role of citizens in developing innovative ideas to achieve climate neutrality.

The project is building on existing experiences gained under European funding programmes. It is engaging science, policy and society in open innovation. The Pilot’s co-creation processes and activities are set to be implemented in the cities to develop instruments and recommendations that can be replicated in other European cities and regions, such as those in the Community of Practice.

Industry is also a key focus for MOSAIC. Innovation and improved services are essential in the transition to less-polluting societies but the private sector is rarely involved in either financially supporting the transition or involvement with citizens and local authorities. The experience of MOSAIC partners is set to build the necessary bridges. Engaging industry actors was the focus of the first Community of Practice workshop on 14th June. Future MOSAIC workshops will address key aspects of co-creation in mission projects, with a particular focus on citizen engagement, such as how to motivate and fairly reward citizens to get involved. MOSAIC activities will also provide opportunities for cities to exchange experiences and learn from each other.

Practically, how will the Community of Practice participate in MOSAIC?

Cities in the wider Community of Practice will be invited to workshops, online and in-person, to learn more about the MOSAIC methodology and how it works practically from the Pilot and Replicator Cities. Cities will also be able to showcase their co-creation processes and activities on the MOSAIC website and benefit from access to other resources produced by the MOSAIC project such as recordings and the MOSAIC Cookbook.

What funding is available?

The MOSAIC project has a dedicated budget to support partners within the community of practice to join MOSAIC events and activities.

How can cities join the Community of Practice?

Send an email to expressing interest in joining MOSAIC’s Community of Practice and telling us a little about your city’s plans for Mission Cities and why co-creation activities are central to it. Please also indicate if you were selected as one of the 100 (+12) cities for the Horizon Europe Mission on climate-neutral and smart cities – this is for tracking purposes only and will not influence selection to the MOSAIC Community of Practice. You can join the MOSAIC Community of Practice at any time until the end of the project.