Evelyne Lhoste

Dr. Evelyne Lhoste, Chargée de recherche, is a science and technology analyst. Her research interest is on knowledge production and circulation in the context of digital transformation. Her recent work examined co-creation in DIY labs/Third places. She has conducted extensive fieldwork in French DIY labs since the beginning of their institutionalisation (2012-2017). In addition to her research project, she contributes to a think-tank that brings together researchers, managers of academic organisations and representatives of civil society organizations. The think-tank lobbies for the inclusion of third sector organizations in research and innovation policies (Akrich et al, 2017. Prendre au sérieux la société de la connaissance). She also contributes to the open research strategy of Université Gustave Eiffel . Evelyne participates across the MOSAIC project but is particularly focused on WP2.

I coordinate a process of real-time assessment of political policies aimed at financing intermediary agents in NGOs. I am very excited to both contribute to knowledge production on innovation studies and to the social transformation towards ecological and solidary transitions.