Allison Marie Loconto

Dr Allison Marie Loconto, Deputy Director of LISIS and Research Scientist in Sociology at the French National Research Institute for Agriculture Food and Environment, is a member of the Multi-stakeholder Advisory Committee of the Sustainable Food Systems Programme of the One Planet Network (UN Environment) and a Sustainable innovations and trade expert at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Dr. Loconto uses participatory approaches to understand the governance of transitions to sustainable food systems. She works directly with those actors who are creating the metrics, standards and systems of certification that are part of emerging institutional innovations. Her focus of analysis is on how the responsibility for sustainability in consumption and production is assumed and shared by different actors in food systems, at different scales. Allison’s main tasks within MOSAIC will focus on WP3, but she will also contribute in WP2, drawing on her experience in diverse areas of co-creation, particularly with the social innovations developed by “prosumers” local food systems. 

There are two interesting innovations that I have been exploring recently that are really exciting. The first is related to participatory guarantee systems (PGS), which are alternative forms of certification created by the producers and consumers of food. The participatory approach to rule-making, peer review and collective decision-making offers new avenues for guaranteeing sustainability.

The second is related to alternative logistics that are emerging in local, urban food systems. Transport and logistics have been ignored for too long in discussions around sustainable food systems, and the co-construction of sustainable logistics solutions is an area where a number of new initiatives are emerging.